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Find Us By Road

The club is located 3.5 miles north of Tavistock.

If you are using Satellite Navigation to find us use one of the following:

Lat/Long             50 35.531N, 004 09.100W

Grid reference   24780 07915

Post code            PL19 0LB

NB using the post code will bring you to the road on the west side of the airfield. The road to the gliding club is the furthest south of the 2 “Y” shaped junctions.

Once at the club, go through the 1st gate and turn immediate right into the Car Park.

From the car park, walk back to the main gate, enter the gliding club site.

Continue past the hangar to the clubhouse and wait at the pickup point. A club member will come and collect you. On flying day’s club members are usually at the Launchpoint. If nobody appears, phone the launchpoint controller on the number listed on the wall inside the clubhouse door.

It is important for your safety that you do not proceed beyond the sign unless accompanied by a club member.

Find Us By Air

The club is located 3 NM north of Tavistock at co-ordinates 50 35.531N 004 09.100W grid reference 24780 07915.

A radio watch is maintained on channel 129.965 (129.667 Mhz) on normal flying days.

There is a single grass runway orientated 110 – 290 approx. 1100m long.

Circuits are flown on both sides of the runway. Please keep a good lookout.

As the club is inside the Dartmoor National Park boundary powered aircraft can only be accommodated by prior arrangement.

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