Dartmoor Gliding Society

Treat yourself or a loved one to a Trial Flight
The Dartmoor Gliding Society continues to be temporarily closed to members of the public. However, our facilities are gradually re-opening and we have now commenced flying trial lessons on a limited basis.
Clearly, the way in which we host members of the public and their families / friends will need to be different to how it was previously due to our facilities not yet being fully reopened. We will speak to you when you book - to discuss this, but please ensure you bring face coverings with you when visiting the gliding club.
If you have a voucher for a flight, you are now able to call or email the office to book a date. We are ramping up availability in a structured, safe way so normal slots on various days will become available again during late 2020 and early 2021. (Wednesdays/Saturdays/Sundays)
Note that our plans for flying trial lessons may need to be changed depending on government advice.
If your voucher has expired and could not be used due to the pandemic, please rest assured we have extended the vouchers till end of 2021. We will always do our best to honour all reasonable requests and do not intend for anyone to miss out on their flight due to circumstances beyond anyone's control.
We appreciate your support. If you do not have a flight voucher and would like to experience our unique method of aviation - you can purchase one online, but we would recommend calling us first to find out current waiting times.
Contact us - email info@dartmoorgliding.co.uk or 07873483001

Dartmoor Gliding Society, Burnford Common, Brentor, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0LB

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