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Fixed Price to Solo

Our ‘Fixed Price to Solo’ scheme is probably the most cost effective way to learn to fly.  It is a discounted package designed to help those without previous flying experience progress rapidly through their pre-solo training without having to worry about the cost of each flight as they take it.  You may take your lessons on any flyable Saturday, Sunday or Thursday, in summer or winter – the choice is yours.

The scheme’s limited availability is regulated by the committee.  

The scheme fee must be paid in advance and covers 12 months membership, launches and all soaring charges – there are no hidden extras. 

The scheme is valid:

  • Up to and including the member’s first solo flight, or
  • Until the maximum number of launches have been taken, or
  • Until twelve month’s membership has elapsed

Your membership period will start on the day of your first flight.  You will receive the benefit of the remainder of the 12 month membership after you have flown solo.  Thereafter, membership will revert to the normal club year (April – March) with a pro rata rate available.

The scheme allows a maximum of 80 winch launches

This is slightly above the average number of launches normally required to go solo.  However, although every effort will be made to enable you to fly solo, success is dependent on ability, attendance and motivation.  No guarantee can be given.

The new member should operate as a normal club member, assisting (for example) in launch-point activities while flying is in progress.  In particular, the scheme offers no priority over other members. The flying list operates on a strictly first come first served basis

Before you can fly solo you will be required to obtain a medical certificate from your doctor.

The scheme can only be purchased once by each member. It cannot be extended beyond 12 months.

The current price for the fixed price to solo scheme is £915. This represents a saving of £289 on the normal membership and flying fees. (assumes an average time of 10 minutes per flight).

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