One Day Course

The aim of the One Day Introductory Course is to give participants a better understanding of gliding than they would get from a single trial flight. 

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Physical LimitationsThe aircraft design imposes limits of: a minimum size of 4ft and 4 stone; a maximum size of 6ft 3″ or 16 stone.
VoucherAll flights for a voucher must be taken by the same person. Vouchers are valid for 1 year, are not transferrable nor refundable.


The intention is to complete the course in a single day, although occasionally weather constraints may mean a return visit is required.

The modules will provide sufficient knowledge for the participant to have a good understanding of flying techniques and the routine operation of a gliding airfield. Six flights, or the equivalent, will be made in a two-seat training aircraft with an instructor qualified by the British Gliding Association. Prior to the first, the student will receive a pre-flight briefing that includes an explanation of safety features and pre-take off checks. During the first flights the effects of control surfaces – elevator, aileron and rudder, will be demonstrated with the student ‘following through’ on the dual controls. Subsequent flights will involve the co-ordination of turns and flying the glider properly ‘trimmed’. There will also be an opportunity to study approach and landing techniques.    

Between flights there will be briefings on airfield procedures, demonstrations of glider launching and retrieving, and a chance to witness the operation of the winch which launches the gliders.

Your Day

To complete all the modules within a day it is important to make a prompt start and a typical routine would be as follows:

Meet the Instructors and your club mentor.

Briefing on domestic arrangements and complete paperwork

Your first three training flights with a qualified instructor.

Take a quick pause out of the day to have some food.

Learn how to maintain log keeping and signalling to launch other gliders.

Learn how to retrieve the cables which are use to launch gliders.

Take a look how the winch works.

Take your last three training flights and learn the next steps on how to proceed.

At the end of the day enjoy a debrief with a cup of tea (or beer)!


Gliding is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by almost anyone,   but participants are required to declare they have no medical condition that would preclude them from flying.

Courses are run throughout the year, so weather conditions can vary. It is advisable to bring a fleece or sweater and to wear stout shoes – but not heavy boots!

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided in the clubhouse but participants should bring a packed lunch.

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Adult One Day Course **
Junior One Day Course **
NB Payments are fulfilled via PayPal, click here to view your basket.  NB Terms and criteria in the ** section, click the chevron to reveal.